Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? To visit a place where history and culture merge into a beautiful amalgamation of stories and legends? Well, I have found such a place, and it's called Bithoor.

Bithoor, a small town located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is often referred to as the "City of Gods" or the "Land of Legends." And boy, does it live up to its name! From ancient temples to spooky haunted houses, Bithoor has something for everyone.

If you're a history buff like me, you'll be delighted to know that Bithoor was once the capital of the Peshwas (prime ministers) of the Maratha Empire. It's also home to one of India's oldest universities, the Kashi Vidyapeeth.

But that's not all; Bithoor has some quirky attractions too. Have you heard about the "haunted" house that nobody dares to enter after sunset? Or how about the "crocodile sanctuary" where you can feed these ferocious reptiles?

So if you're planning your next vacation and want to experience a mix of culture, history, and spookiness (because who doesn't love being scared), pack your bags and head on over to Bithoor!

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History and Culture of Bithoor

Bithoor is a small town located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It has an interesting history that dates back to the ancient times. According to legends, Bithoor was once ruled by a demon king named Banasur.

Legend has it that Banasur was defeated by Lord Krishna, who then established his footprints on a rock in the town. This rock is now known as the Paduka Pahadi. Bithoor also played a significant role during the Indian War of Independence in 1857.

The town has been home to many great personalities such as Guru Nanak, Tulsidas and Maharishi Valmiki. It is also famous for its unique cuisine which includes dishes like pakodas, samosas and chaat. The locals are known for their hospitality and warm nature.

Bithoor is known for its historical significance and cultural heritage. The town boasts of several temples, including the famous Siddhnath Temple, which dates back to the 18th century. The place is also home to several ashrams where people can learn yoga and meditation.

If you're planning a visit to Bithoor, make sure you experience its rich culture and traditions. Attend local festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Dussehra where you can witness colorful celebrations and enjoy delicious food. So pack your bags and head over to Bithoor – it's an adventure you'll never forget!

How to Reach and getting around Bithoor

  1. By Air: The nearest airport to Bithoor is the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, which is around 50 km away. From there, you can either take a cab or a bus to reach Bithoor.

  2. By Train: Bithoor has its own railway station, which connects it to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. You can take a train from any of these cities and get down at Bithoor railway station.

  3. By Road: Bithoor is well-connected by road to major cities in Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Kanpur, and Allahabad. You can take a bus or hire a cab from any of these cities to reach Bithoor.

  4. By Taxi: If you are coming from Lucknow or Kanpur, you can also hire a taxi to reach Bithoor. There are many taxi services available in both cities that offer comfortable rides at affordable prices.

  5. Cycling: For those who love adventure and want to explore the countryside on their own, cycling is a great option. You can rent a bicycle in Lucknow or Kanpur and ride all the way to Bithoor while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

  6. Horse Riding: Another exciting way to reach Bithoor is by horse riding. This option is perfect for those who want to experience the traditional way of traveling in India. You can rent a horse from nearby villages and ride all the way to Bithoor while admiring the natural beauty around you.

No matter which transportation mode you choose, reaching Bithoor is easy and convenient. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Weather of Bithoor

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Extreme Winters
Mild Winters
Hot + Dry
Hot + Humid
Cool and Pleasant

Bithoor, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, experiences a tropical climate with scorching summers and chilly winters. The summer months from April to June are extremely hot and humid, with temperatures soaring up to 45°C. It is not recommended to visit Bithoor during this time as it can be quite uncomfortable for tourists.

The monsoon season in Bithoor lasts from July to September, bringing relief from the hot weather. The town receives moderate rainfall during this time, making the surroundings lush green and picturesque. However, some tourist attractions may be closed due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

The winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Bithoor as the weather is pleasant with temperatures ranging between 10°C-25°C. The cool breeze and clear skies make it ideal for sightseeing and exploring the town's rich history and culture.

During this time, one can enjoy boating on the Ganges river or visit important landmarks like Siddhidatri Temple, Dhruva Teela, and Brahmavart Ghat. The annual Bithoor Mahotsav held in November is a popular event among tourists where they can witness cultural performances and indulge in local cuisine.

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Bithoor, it is advisable to visit between October-March when the weather is pleasant and conducive for outdoor activities.

Places to Visit in Bithoor

  • Brahmavart Ghat - Located on the banks of the holy river Ganges, this ghat is believed to be the place where Lord Brahma performed a yajna to create the universe. It is a popular spot for taking a dip in the sacred waters and performing rituals.

  • Dhruva Teela - This historic site is believed to be the place where Dhruva, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, meditated and received his blessings. The hill offers a panoramic view of Bithoor and the surrounding countryside.

  • Valmiki Ashram - The ashram is dedicated to the great sage Valmiki who wrote Ramayana. It houses a temple and a museum showcasing artifacts related to Ramayana.

  • Siddhidatri Temple - This temple is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri who is believed to fulfill all wishes of her devotees. The temple complex also includes shrines dedicated to other deities.

  • Kalyani Devi Temple - This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalyani Devi who is believed to protect her devotees from all dangers. The temple architecture features intricate carvings and paintings.

  • Sita Samahit Sthal - Located on the banks of Ganges, this site is believed to be where Sita, wife of Lord Rama, entered into mother earth. People come here to pay their respects and seek blessings.

  • Bithoor Fort - The fort was built by King Lalitaditya Muktapida in the 8th century AD and later renovated by Maratha rulers. The fort offers a glimpse into Bithoor's rich historical past.

  • Patthar Ghat - This ghat derives its name from the large rocks that line its banks. It is considered an auspicious spot for performing Hindu rituals like pitru tarpan (offering prayers for ancestors).

  • Harihar Nath Temple - This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in his form as Harihar Nath (half Vishnu-half Shiva). The temple architecture features intricate carvings and sculptures.

  • Brahma Baba Ashram - The ashram was established by Brahma Baba, founder of Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement, in 1936. Visitors can attend meditation sessions and learn about their teachings on inner peace and self-realization.

Overall, Bithoor offers a unique blend of history, spirituality, and natural beauty that makes it an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquility away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Food Options and Local Cuisine of Bithoor

Bithoor, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. When it comes to food, the town has a lot to offer as well. The local cuisine of Bithoor is a perfect blend of Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines, which are known for their royal touch and distinct flavors. Some of the popular dishes of Bithoor include:

  1. Galouti Kebab: A melt-in-the-mouth delicacy made with finely minced meat and a blend of aromatic spices.
  2. Murg Musallam: A whole chicken dish cooked in a rich gravy made with cashew nuts, cream, and spices.
  3. Sheermal: A sweet bread made with saffron and milk.

Apart from these, other popular dishes include biryanis, kebabs, and kormas.

About dining options:

Bithoor has a few good options for dining that cater to different tastes and budgets. Here are three recommended restaurants/cafes in Bithoor:

  1. The Yellow Chilli: A popular chain restaurant known for its contemporary Indian cuisine. Must-try dishes include their signature 'Dum Ghosht Biryani' and 'Butter Chicken'.
  2. Brijwasi Chat Bhandar: A local eatery famous for its street food offerings like chaat, samosas, and kachoris.
  3. Kanhaiya Lal Durga Prasad: This old-school restaurant serves authentic Awadhi cuisine like kebabs, biryanis, and curries. Don't forget to try their 'Galouti Kebab'.

These dining options offer a diverse range of cuisines catering to different palates.

Best areas for accommodation in Bithoor

Bithoor is a small town located in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a popular destination among tourists due to its rich historical and cultural significance. When it comes to accommodation options, Bithoor offers a variety of choices ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly lodges.

The best areas for accommodation in Bithoor are:

  1. Bithoor Road: This area is located near the main market and offers easy access to all the major attractions in Bithoor.
  2. Ganga Ghat: This area is situated on the banks of the River Ganges and offers stunning views of the river and its surroundings.
  3. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary: This area is located near the bird sanctuary and offers a peaceful environment away from the hustle-bustle of the town.

Here are three properties for accommodation in Bithoor:

  1. The Brijrama Palace: This luxurious hotel is situated on the banks of River Ganges and offers stunning views of the river. The property boasts of 33 well-appointed rooms, an outdoor pool, spa, restaurant, and bar.
  2. Hotel Ganges View: This budget-friendly hotel is located near Ganga Ghat and offers comfortable rooms with basic amenities such as air-conditioning, TV, and attached bathroom.
  3. Zostel Bithoor: This hostel is perfect for budget travellers who want to experience Bithoor without breaking their bank. The hostel offers dormitory-style accommodation with shared bathrooms and common areas.

Overall, Bithoor has something for everyone when it comes to accommodation options. Whether you are looking for luxury or budget-friendly options, you will find plenty of choices here.

Shopping in Bithoor

Bithoor, a small town located in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is famous for its historical significance and religious importance. Apart from that, Bithoor is also a great place for shopping. The town offers a unique shopping experience with its traditional markets and unique handicrafts. Here are some of the things to buy, markets to visit and things to avoid while shopping in Bithoor.

Things to buy

  1. Handicrafts
  2. Chikankari work clothes
  3. Wooden toys
  4. Bangles

Markets to visit

  1. Bithoor Market
  2. Handicrafts Center
  3. Kachori Chowk Market

What to avoid

  1. Overpriced shops
  2. Fake handicrafts
  3. Crowded areas with pickpockets
  4. Non-reputed shops selling low-quality products

Bithoor market is famous for its traditional handicrafts including brassware, pottery, and wooden items. You can find beautiful chikankari work clothes that are perfect for gifting or personal use. The Handicraft Center is a must-visit place if you are looking for authentic handcrafted items. Kachori Chowk Market is a popular spot for street food as well as shopping.

It is advisable to avoid overpriced shops that sell low-quality products in non-reputed areas of Bithoor market. Be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas and do not fall for fake handicrafts sold by untrustworthy shops.

Overall, Bithoor offers a wonderful shopping experience with its traditional markets and unique handicrafts. Make sure to visit the above mentioned markets and follow the precautions mentioned above while shopping in Bithoor.

Nightlife in Bithoor

Bithoor Nightlife

Bithoor is a small town located in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. This city offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists. Apart from its historical significance, Bithoor also offers a vibrant nightlife scene that attracts visitors from all around the world.

One can find various options to spend their night in Bithoor. Here are three places that offer exciting activities for spending the night:

  1. Bithoor Boat Club: This place offers an opportunity to enjoy the serene beauty of the Ganges River while boating at night. Visitors can book a private boat and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with their loved ones.

  2. The Night Market: This market is open till late at night and is famous for its street food, handicrafts, and clothes. Visitors can explore the market, taste delicious food, and indulge in shopping.

  3. Neemrana House: This heritage hotel offers a luxurious stay experience to its guests. The hotel has a bar where visitors can enjoy drinks while listening to live music or DJ performances.

Overall, Bithoor's nightlife scene has something for everyone. From peaceful boat rides to bustling markets and luxurious hotels, visitors can choose from various options depending on their preferences.

Outdoor Activities in Bithoor

Bithoor is not just a place for those who love to explore history and spirituality, but it also offers a plethora of outdoor activities that cater to the adventure seekers. The mesmerizing natural beauty of this place makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in various recreational activities.

River Rafting is one such activity that has been gaining popularity among tourists visiting Bithoor. The rapids in the Ganges offer an exciting experience for rafters, making it an ideal way to explore the surroundings.

For those who love cycling, Mountain Biking in Bithoor is a must-try. The rugged terrain and scenic routes make it a thrilling experience for adventure seekers.

Lastly, Trekking is another activity that can be enjoyed in the nearby hills of Bithoor. The trekking trails offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and are perfect for those who love to explore nature at their own pace.

In summary, Bithoor offers a variety of outdoor activities that are perfect for adventure seekers. From river rafting to mountain biking and trekking, there's something for everyone looking to explore the natural beauty of this place.

Festivals and Events in Bithoor

Bithoor is not only known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities but also for its vibrant festivals and events. These festivals are an integral part of the local culture and tradition and offer a glimpse into the rich history of the region. They provide an opportunity for locals and tourists to come together, celebrate, and enjoy the festive spirit.

Here are some of the prominent festivals and events that take place in Bithoor throughout the year:

  1. Magh Mela (January/February): A month-long festival that takes place on the banks of River Ganges, Magh Mela is one of the largest religious gatherings in India. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy river during this time purifies one's sins.

  2. Basant Panchami (February/March): This festival marks the arrival of spring and is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, who represents knowledge, music, and arts. People wear yellow clothes, fly kites, and offer prayers to seek her blessings.

  3. Ram Navami (March/April): Celebrated as Lord Rama's birthday, Ram Navami is a significant Hindu festival that commemorates his victory over evil forces. People visit temples, perform puja, and participate in religious processions.

  4. Bharat Milap (October/November): This event reenacts Lord Rama's reunion with his younger brother Bharat after 14 years of exile. It takes place at Nandigram Temple near Bithoor and attracts a large number of devotees.

  5. Kumbh Mela (January/February or July/August): Held once every 12 years in Bithoor among other cities across India - it is considered one of the largest religious gatherings on earth. Pilgrims from all over India come to take a holy dip in River Ganges during this time.

These festivals showcase Bithoor's cultural diversity while providing a platform for people to come together in celebration. They offer visitors an opportunity to experience traditional rituals, customs, music and dance performances while enjoying delicious food prepared especially for these occasions.

Tips for Travelers while travelling to Bithoor

  1. Plan your trip according to the festivals and events: Bithoor is known for its cultural and historical significance, and many festivals and events take place throughout the year. Plan your trip around these events to get a unique experience of the city's culture.
  2. Pack comfortable clothes and footwear: Bithoor has many temples and historical sites that require walking or climbing stairs, so pack comfortable clothes and footwear to avoid any discomfort while touring.
  3. Carry cash: While there are ATMs in Bithoor, it's always better to carry some cash as some local markets and vendors may not accept cards.
  4. Respect the local customs: Bithoor is a religious city with many temples, so it's essential to dress modestly while visiting these places. Also, remove your shoes before entering any temple or holy site as a sign of respect.
  5. Try local cuisine: Bithoor has many food options that you should try while visiting the city. From street food to traditional dishes, the local cuisine is delicious and worth trying.

In summary, planning your trip around festivals and events, packing comfortable clothes and footwear, carrying cash, respecting local customs, and trying the local cuisine are essential tips for travelers visiting Bithoor. With these tips in mind, you can have an enjoyable and memorable experience in this culturally rich city.


What is Bithoor?

Bithoor is a small town located in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated on the banks of the Ganges River and is known for its historical and religious significance.

What are some historical places to visit in Bithoor?

Bithoor has several historical places that tourists can visit. The most popular ones include the Bithoor Fort, the Siddhnath Temple, and the Dhruva Teela.

What are some religious places to visit in Bithoor?

Bithoor has many religious sites that attract tourists. Some of these include the Brahmavart Ghat, Valmiki Ashram, and Panch Mukhi Hanuman Temple.

Is it easy to reach Bithoor by public transportation?

Yes, it is easy to reach Bithoor by public transportation. Kanpur Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Bithoor. There are also many buses that run from Kanpur to Bithoor.

What is the best time to visit Bithoor?

The best time to visit Bithoor is between October and March when the weather is pleasant and cool. During this time, you can also witness many cultural festivals that take place in Bithoor.

Can I stay overnight in Bithoor?

Yes, there are several options for staying overnight in Bithoor. There are hotels as well as guesthouses that cater to tourists.

Is it safe for solo female travelers to visit Bithoor?

Yes, it is safe for solo female travelers to visit Bithoor. However, like any other place in India, it is important for women travelers to take precautions such as dressing appropriately and avoiding traveling alone at night.

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