Do you ever wish you could escape the hustle and bustle of city life and just relax in a beautiful, serene location? Well, have I got the perfect place for you! Pfutsero, a quaint little town nestled in the mountains of Nagaland, is just what the doctor ordered.

But don't let its small size fool you - Pfutsero is packed with surprises! From stunning panoramic views to delicious local cuisine, this hidden gem has something for everyone. And did I mention that it's also known as the "highest town" in Nagaland? That's right, at an elevation of over 2000 meters above sea level, Pfutsero offers a cool and refreshing climate that's perfect for a weekend getaway.

But what makes Pfutsero truly unique is its people. The locals are some of the friendliest and most hospitable folks you'll ever meet. They'll welcome you with open arms and make sure your stay is memorable. And if you're lucky enough to be there during one of their festivals or celebrations, get ready for a treat! The town comes alive with traditional dances, music, and food that will leave your taste buds tingling.

So if you're looking for a break from the daily grind, come visit Pfutsero! It's an experience like no other.

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History and Culture of Pfutsero

Pfutsero is a small town located in the state of Nagaland, India. The town has a rich history and culture that is unique to this region. Legend has it that Pfutsero was named after a giant python that used to terrorize the people in the area. The people of Pfutsero were known for their fierce resistance against British colonial rule, which earned them a reputation as brave warriors. The town is also known for its lush green hills, scenic beauty, and pleasant weather throughout the year.

The people of Pfutsero are predominantly from the Chakesang tribe, who have their unique customs and traditions. Their traditional attire consists of colorful woven shawls and headgear adorned with feathers and beads. The Chakesang tribe is also known for its vibrant dance forms, which are performed during festivals and special occasions.

One of the most significant festivals celebrated in Pfutsero is the Sekrenyi festival, which marks the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Naga calendar. During this festival, people dress up in their traditional attire and perform various rituals to seek blessings from their ancestors. The festival is also an occasion for feasting on delicious Naga cuisine.

Pfutsero is also famous for its handicrafts, including wood carving and bamboo weaving. The town has many skilled artisans who create beautiful pieces of art that are sold across Nagaland and beyond.

In conclusion, Pfutsero may be a small town, but it packs a punch when it comes to history, culture, and natural beauty. From legends about giant pythons to vibrant festivals celebrating tradition and heritage, there's never a dull moment in Pfutsero!

How to Reach and getting around Pfutsero

By Road:

  1. The most convenient way to reach Pfutsero is by road. One can take a bus or hire a taxi from Kohima, which is about 70 km away.
  2. The drive from Kohima to Pfutsero is scenic and takes around 3 hours. The road passes through lush green forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills.
  3. If you are coming from Dimapur, the nearest major city, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to Kohima and then continue your journey to Pfutsero.

By Air:

  1. The nearest airport to Pfutsero is in Dimapur, which is about 100 km away. One can take a taxi from Dimapur airport to Pfutsero.
  2. There are regular flights from Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati to Dimapur. From there, one can easily reach Pfutsero by road.

By Train:

  1. The nearest railway station to Pfutsero is in Dimapur, which is well-connected to major cities in India.
  2. One can take a taxi or bus from Dimapur railway station to reach Pfutsero. The journey takes around 3 hours.


  1. If you enjoy driving, you can rent a car or bike from Kohima or Dimapur and drive up to Pfutsero yourself.
  2. However, be prepared for narrow roads and sharp bends along the way. It's advisable to hire an experienced driver if you are not familiar with the terrain.


  1. For adventure enthusiasts, trekking is another option. There are several trekking routes that lead up to Pfutsero through scenic forests and hills.
  2. However, this option requires prior planning and preparation as the trek can be quite challenging.

Overall, reaching Pfutsero is easy and there are several options available depending on your preference and budget. Whether you choose road transport or prefer air or train travel, the journey itself offers breathtaking views of Nagaland's natural beauty.

Weather of Pfutsero

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PFUTSERO KahanChale, Kahan Chale
PFUTSERO KahanChale, Kahan Chale
PFUTSERO KahanChale, Kahan Chale
PFUTSERO KahanChale, Kahan Chale
Extreme Winters
Mild Winters
Hot + Dry
Hot + Humid
Cool and Pleasant

Pfutsero, a beautiful hill station in Nagaland, experiences a subtropical highland climate. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year due to its high altitude. Summers are mild, and winters are cold with occasional snowfall. Monsoons bring heavy rainfall, making the place lush green and picturesque.

The best time to visit Pfutsero is between October to May when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. During this period, the temperature ranges from 10°C to 20°C, making it comfortable for tourists to explore the town's scenic beauty.

In contrast, the monsoon season between June and September should be avoided as heavy rainfall can cause landslides and disrupt travel plans. The winter season between December and February may not be suitable for everyone as temperatures can drop below freezing point.

Visitors can enjoy trekking through the nearby hills or indulge in bird watching during their stay in Pfutsero. The town's natural beauty is captivating during this time of year as rhododendrons bloom all around.

In conclusion, Pfutsero is an all-season tourist destination with breathtaking views of nature's bounty. However, if you want to experience its charm at its best, plan your trip between October and May for a memorable experience.

Places to Visit in Pfutsero

  • Mt. Japfü - This majestic mountain peak located at an altitude of 3048 meters above sea level offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and hills. It is also considered a sacred site by the local tribes and is popular for trekking and camping.

  • Dzükou Valley - Known for its stunning natural beauty, this valley is a paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. The valley is filled with lush greenery, crystal clear streams, and colorful flowers during the monsoon season.

  • Khonoma Village - This picturesque village is located about 20 km from Pfutsero and is known for its rich cultural heritage, traditional houses, handicrafts, and handloom products.

  • Shilloi Lake - Located in the Phek district, this pristine lake is surrounded by dense forests and mountains. It is believed to be one of the deepest lakes in India and has mythological significance among the local tribes.

  • Pfutsero Town - This quaint town is located at an altitude of 2133 meters above sea level and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere, friendly locals, and delicious local cuisine.

  • Ntangki National Park - This wildlife sanctuary located near Pfutsero town is home to a variety of flora and fauna including tigers, leopards, elephants, hoolock gibbons, barking deer, etc.

  • Khezhakeno Village - Located about 20 km from Pfutsero town, this village offers stunning views of the mountains and valleys around it. It is also known for its traditional houses made of bamboo and thatch.

  • Benreu Village - Situated in the Peren district near Pfutsero town, this village is known for its eco-tourism initiatives such as community-based homestays, trekking trails through dense forests, etc.

  • Bara-Lacha Pass - Located on the Indo-Tibetan border near Pfutsero town, this high-altitude pass offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers around it.

  • Chumukedima Village - This picturesque village located about 30 km from Pfutsero town offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It is also known for its traditional handicrafts made by local artisans using bamboo and cane.

Relaxing Retreats
  • Pfutsero
  • Dzüko Valley
  • Kohima
  • Hilly Regions
  • Pfutsero
  • Dz�ko Valley
  • Kohima
  • Nearby Forests
  • Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Food Options and Local Cuisine of Pfutsero

    Local Cuisine in Pfutsero

    Pfutsero is a small and charming town located in the Phek district of Nagaland. The local cuisine of Pfutsero is heavily influenced by Naga cuisine and is known for its spicy and flavorful dishes. Some popular dishes to try while visiting Pfutsero are:

    1. Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot: This dish is made by smoking pork meat over firewood and cooking it with bamboo shoots that have been fermented for a few days. It is a must-try dish for meat lovers.
    2. Akibiye: Akibiye is a traditional Naga dish made with mashed yam leaves, mustard leaves, and other vegetables. It is typically eaten with rice and meat dishes.
    3. Chokibo: Chokibo is a popular snack in Pfutsero made with boiled tapioca mixed with chili powder, salt, and onion.

    These are just a few examples of the delicious local cuisine you can try while visiting Pfutsero.

    Dining Options in Pfutsero

    If you're looking for dining options in Pfutsero, here are three restaurants/cafes you can check out:

    1. Naga Kitchen: Naga Kitchen is a popular restaurant that serves authentic Naga cuisine, including smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, and other local delicacies.
    2. Cafe 66: Cafe 66 offers a variety of dishes ranging from Indian to Chinese to continental. They also have an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your meal with a view of the town.
    3. Pfutsero Bamboo Restaurant: As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in dishes cooked with bamboo shoots. They also serve other Naga delicacies like smoked pork and fish curry.

    All three dining options offer delicious food at reasonable prices and are worth checking out while visiting Pfutsero.

    Best areas for accommodation in Pfutsero

    Pfutsero is a scenic town located in Nagaland, India. It is known for its natural beauty, pleasant weather and tranquil environment. If you are planning to visit Pfutsero, it is essential to choose the right area for accommodation to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

    The Town Centre is the best area for accommodation in Pfutsero as it is close to major attractions, restaurants and shopping areas. It is also well-connected to other parts of the town.

    Another good area for accommodation in Pfutsero is Mount Tiyi. It is a popular tourist spot with breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. Staying here provides easy access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

    For those looking for a peaceful and serene experience, Chida Lake is an ideal location for accommodation. The lake offers stunning views and a perfect place to relax and unwind.

    If you are looking for luxury accommodation in Pfutsero, The Whispering Pine Hotel & Resort is an excellent choice. It offers luxurious rooms with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, etc., along with a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine.

    For budget-friendly options, you can consider Hotel Mount View that offers clean and comfortable rooms at affordable prices.

    For backpackers and solo travellers looking for affordable accommodation options, Zavala Hostel offers dormitory-style rooms with basic facilities like beds, lockers, etc., at reasonable prices.

    Overall, Pfutsero has plenty of options for all types of travellers ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose the right area and property that suits your needs.

    Shopping in Pfutsero

    Pfutsero, located in Nagaland, is a beautiful hill station that is known for its scenic beauty and unique culture. The town also offers a variety of shopping options for tourists. Here are some things you can buy, markets to visit, and things to avoid while shopping in Pfutsero.

    Things to buy

    1. Handwoven shawls: Pfutsero is known for its handwoven shawls made from local wool. These shawls are warm and come in various designs and colors.
    2. Handmade pottery: The town has a tradition of making clay pots and other pottery items that make excellent souvenirs.
    3. Local spices: Nagaland is known for its unique cuisine, and you can find a variety of local spices like naga chillies, bamboo shoot pickle, etc.
    4. Handmade jewelry: You can find exquisite handmade jewelry made from beads, shells, and other materials.

    Markets to visit

    1. Pfutsero Bazaar: This is the main market in the town where you can find a range of products from clothes to food items.
    2. Mainwali Market: This market specializes in selling local handicrafts like handwoven shawls, pottery items, etc.
    3. Old Market: This market is known for its fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

    What to avoid

    1. Counterfeit products: Like any other tourist destination, you may come across fake branded products. Avoid buying them as they are illegal and low quality.
    2. Wildlife products: Nagaland has strict laws against the sale of wildlife products. Avoid buying any such product as it could result in legal action against you.
    3. Traditional weapons: Nagaland has a history of headhunting that involved traditional weapons like spears and machetes. However, buying or carrying these weapons could lead to legal trouble.
    4. Drugs or narcotics: The sale or consumption of drugs or narcotics is strictly prohibited by law. Avoid any such activity as it could land you in jail.

    In conclusion, shopping in Pfutsero can be a unique experience where you can buy authentic local handicrafts while enjoying the beautiful hill station's scenic beauty. Just remember to stay away from anything illegal or harmful while shopping.

    Nightlife in Pfutsero

    Pfutsero is a small town located in the state of Nagaland in India. Despite its size, this town is known for its vibrant nightlife. The locals and visitors alike love to spend their nights partying, socializing, and enjoying the various activities that Pfutsero has to offer.

    If you are looking for places to spend the night in Pfutsero, here are three exciting options:

    1. The Pfutsero Night Market: The night market is a bustling hub of activity that comes alive after dark. Here you can find local vendors selling everything from street food to handicrafts. It's a great place to soak up the local culture and enjoy some delicious snacks.

    2. The Pfutsero Club: For those who love to dance, The Pfutsero Club is the perfect spot. This club hosts regular parties with local DJs playing all the latest hits. It's a great place to let your hair down and dance the night away.

    3. The Pfutsero Nature Camp: If you prefer something more laid-back, then the Pfutsero Nature Camp is ideal. This eco-friendly campsite offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. You can spend your night stargazing or taking a guided nature walk.

    In conclusion, nightlife in Pfutsero is an experience not to be missed. From local markets to clubs and nature camps, there's something for everyone here. So pack your bags and head out for an unforgettable night in this charming town!

    Outdoor Activities in Pfutsero

    If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Pfutsero has a lot to offer. Surrounded by lush green forests and majestic mountains, this quaint town is a paradise for adventure lovers. Trekking is one of the most popular activities here, and you can explore the scenic trails that lead to picturesque villages and stunning waterfalls. The Rhododendron Trek is a must-do for nature lovers, as it takes you through dense forests of rhododendrons and other wildflowers.

    Camping is another activity that is gaining popularity in Pfutsero. You can pitch your tent near the Dzudu Lake or the Lephori Peak and enjoy an evening under the stars while roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. The serene surroundings will make for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    For those who seek an adrenaline rush, rock climbing and rappelling are great options. The rugged terrain of the town offers ample opportunities for these activities. You can try your hand at climbing the sheer cliffs or rappelling down a waterfall.

    1. Trekking through scenic trails
    2. Camping near lakes and peaks
    3. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

    Pfutsero is truly a hidden gem in Nagaland that offers something for everyone who loves being outdoors.

    Festivals and Events in Pfutsero

    Festivals and events are an important part of the culture and traditions of Pfutsero. These celebrations provide an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate their customs, and showcase their unique heritage. There are several festivals and events that take place throughout the year in Pfutsero.

    1. Sekrenyi Festival - celebrated in February, this festival marks the beginning of a new year according to the Angami calendar. It is a time for purification and renewal, with traditional dances, music, and feasting.

    2. Hega Festival - celebrated in April or May, this festival is dedicated to the deity of agriculture and fertility. The festival involves rituals such as sowing seeds, offering prayers to the gods for a good harvest, and feasting.

    3. Pfutsero Mini Hornbill Festival - held in July or August, this festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland through traditional dances, songs, food, and crafts.

    4. Pfutsero Autumn Festival - held in October or November, this festival showcases the natural beauty of Pfutsero during autumn. The festival features various activities such as trekking expeditions, cultural performances, food fairs, and adventure sports.

    5. Christmas Celebration - celebrated in December with much enthusiasm and joy; Christmas is a time for family reunions, carol singing, feasting on traditional dishes like pork curry with bamboo shoots and rice cakes.

    These festivals provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand. The vibrant celebrations are not to be missed by those interested in immersing themselves in Pfutsero's rich cultural traditions.

    Tips for Travelers while travelling to Pfutsero

    1. Plan Ahead: Before traveling to Pfutsero, make sure to research the festivals and events happening in the area so you can plan your itinerary accordingly. This will help you make the most of your trip and ensure that you don't miss out on any of the exciting activities.

    2. Pack Appropriately: Pfutsero is located in a hilly region, so make sure to pack warm clothes and comfortable shoes for trekking or hiking. Also, don't forget to bring a raincoat or umbrella as it can rain unexpectedly.

    3. Respect Local Customs: While attending festivals and events in Pfutsero, it's important to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing clothing, especially during religious ceremonies.

    4. Try Local Cuisine: One of the best things about traveling is trying new food. Make sure to try local cuisine like smoked pork, bamboo shoot pickle, and akibiye (a type of barbecued meat) while in Pfutsero.

    5. Be Mindful of the Environment: While exploring the beautiful landscapes around Pfutsero, it's important to be mindful of the environment. Avoid littering and use eco-friendly products wherever possible.


    What is Pfutsero known for?

    Pfutsero is a town in the state of Nagaland, India. It is known for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and rich cultural heritage. The town is surrounded by lush green hills and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Pfutsero is also known for its organic farming practices and production of exotic fruits like kiwi, avocado, and orange.

    How do I reach Pfutsero?

    The nearest airport to Pfutsero is Dimapur Airport, which is about 80 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Pfutsero. The nearest railway station to Pfutsero is in Dimapur as well. You can also reach Pfutsero by road through NH29.

    What are the popular tourist attractions in Pfutsero?

    Some of the popular tourist attractions in Pfutsero are Mt. Japfu Peak, Dzudu Lake, Khonoma Village, and Sukhovi Village. Apart from these, there are many other beautiful villages around the town that offer a glimpse into Naga culture and way of life.

    When is the best time to visit Pfutsero?

    The best time to visit Pfutsero is from October to May when the weather is pleasant and dry. During this time, you can enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and sightseeing without any hassle.

    What are some local dishes that I should try in Pfutsero?

    Naga cuisine is famous for its spicy and flavorful dishes made with local ingredients like bamboo shoots and smoked meat. Some of the local dishes that you should try in Pfutsero are smoked meat curry (pork or beef), bamboo shoot fry or stew, and fermented soybean chutney.

    Is it safe to travel to Pfutsero?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to Pfutsero as long as you take basic precautions like avoiding lonely places at night and not venturing into unknown territories without a guide. Nagaland has a low crime rate compared to other states in India.

    Are there any accommodation options available in Pfutsero?

    Yes, there are several accommodation options available in Pfutsero ranging from budget hotels to homestays run by locals. You can choose one according to your budget and preferences. Some of the popular options are Pineapple Guest House and Hotel Blue Mountain.

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