Are you tired of the usual touristy destinations that everyone seems to flock to? Do you want to spice up your travel itinerary with something unique and exciting? Look no further than Ramanagara - a hidden gem located just 50 kilometers outside of Bangalore, India.

If you're a fan of the blockbuster hit movie "Sholay," then you'll be thrilled to know that Ramanagara is actually the filming location for the iconic movie. Yes, that's right - you can now reenact your favorite scenes on the very same landscape where Jai, Veeru, and Thakur fought against Gabbar Singh.

But hold on, Ramanagara isn't just for movie buffs. It also boasts breathtaking hills and rock formations that are perfect for adventure seekers. Whether it's rock climbing, trekking or rappelling - there's something for everyone here.

And if you're a foodie like me, then you'll be happy to know that Ramanagara has some delicious local cuisine to offer. From piping hot dosas to spicy chutneys and refreshing buttermilk - your taste buds will thank you for this trip.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Ramanagara for an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, history and delicious food!

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History and Culture of Ramanagara

Ramanagara, also known as the Silk City of Karnataka, has a rich history and culture that is both fascinating and hilarious. This city was once ruled by the brave warrior, Kempe Gowda. Legend has it that he stumbled upon the city while hunting for a rabbit. Talk about lucky!

Over time, Ramanagara became a major center for silk production and trade, leading to its nickname as the Silk City. The silk industry remains an integral part of the city's economy today. Silk is still king!

But Ramanagara is not just about silk. It is also famous for its unique culture and traditions. The city celebrates several festivals throughout the year, including Ugadi, Diwali, and Holi. During these festivals, people come together to dance, sing, and feast on delicious local delicacies such as ragi mudde and mutton pulao. Foodies unite!

Another interesting aspect of Ramanagara's culture is its connection to Bollywood movies. In fact, many famous Bollywood films have been shot in Ramanagara's beautiful landscapes and rock formations. Most notably, the 1975 blockbuster Sholay was filmed here. Today, tourists flock to Ramanagara to see the iconic Ramgad Fort featured in the film. Bollywood fever!

In conclusion, Ramanagara is a city with a rich history and culture that blends tradition with modernity in a unique way. From silk production to delicious food to Bollywood movies – this city has something for everyone to enjoy! Come visit us soon!

How to Reach and getting around Ramanagara

Ramanagara, a small town located in the southern state of Karnataka, India, is known for its beautiful hills and lush green landscapes. If you're planning a visit to this charming town and wondering how to reach Ramanagara, here are some options to consider:

  1. By road: Ramanagara is well-connected by road and is situated around 50 km from Bangalore. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from Bangalore to reach Ramanagara. The journey takes approximately one hour and is comfortable.

  2. By train: Ramanagara has its own railway station, which is well-connected to major cities in Karnataka. Trains from Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Mangalore stop at this station. The journey time varies depending on the distance.

  3. By air: The nearest airport to Ramanagara is Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, which is around 70 km away. From the airport, you can either hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Ramanagara.

  4. By bike: If you're an adventure enthusiast and love biking, then you can rent a bike from Bangalore and ride your way to Ramanagara. The journey takes around two hours and offers stunning views of the countryside.

  5. By trekking: For those who love trekking, there are several trekking trails that lead to Ramanagara. You can choose from various difficulty levels depending on your fitness level.

In conclusion, there are several ways to reach Ramanagara that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer traveling by road or train or want an adventure-filled journey by bike or trekking - there's something for everyone!

Weather of Ramanagara

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Extreme Winters
Mild Winters
Hot + Dry
Hot + Humid
Cool and Pleasant

Ramanagara, located in the southern state of Karnataka in India, experiences a tropical climate. The weather here remains hot and humid for most of the year due to its proximity to the equator. Summers last from March to May, with temperatures soaring up to 40°C. Monsoons start from June and continue till September, bringing moderate to heavy rainfall.

The best time to visit Ramanagara is during the winter months from October to February when the temperature drops down to 15°C making it pleasant for tourists. The weather during this time is perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking and sightseeing.

During winters, you can explore various tourist attractions such as Janapada Loka, Ramadevara Betta Hill, Sholay Shooting Hilltop and many more. You can also visit silk farms and observe the silk-making process which is a major industry in Ramanagara.

If you're looking for adventure activities then visiting Ramanagara during winter is a good option as you can indulge in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining etc.

In conclusion, Ramanagara is a great place to visit throughout the year but if you want to avoid extreme heat and humidity then visiting during winter months from October to February would be ideal.

Places to Visit in Ramanagara

  • Janapada Loka: Janapada Loka is a cultural center that exhibits the traditional culture and lifestyle of Karnataka. It features a collection of over 5,000 artifacts, including costumes, musical instruments, paintings, and utensils. The center also hosts cultural events and workshops.

  • Ramadevara Betta: Ramadevara Betta is a popular hill station in Ramanagara that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It is also an important pilgrimage site for Hindus as there is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama on top of the hill.

  • Kanva Reservoir: Kanva Reservoir is a man-made lake that provides irrigation water to nearby agricultural lands. The reservoir offers scenic views and is a popular spot for boating and fishing.

  • Channapatna: Channapatna is a small town located near Ramanagara that is famous for its wooden toys. The town has a rich tradition of toy-making, which dates back to the 18th century.

  • Mekedaatu: Mekedaatu is a natural wonder located on the banks of the Kaveri River. The name means "goat's leap" in Kannada as it is said that goats can leap across the narrow gorge created by the river.

  • Sholay Shooting Hilltop: The Sholay Shooting Hilltop, also known as Ramgarh Hill, is where the iconic Bollywood movie "Sholay" was filmed. The hill offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and has become a popular tourist spot.

  • Silk Cocoon Market: Ramanagara has a thriving silk industry, and the Silk Cocoon Market is where farmers sell their cocoons to silk manufacturers. Visitors can witness the process of silk production from cocoon to finished product.

  • Basadi Betta: Basadi Betta is a small hill that houses several Jain temples dating back to the 14th century. The temples are carved out of rock and feature intricate designs and sculptures.

  • Big Banyan Tree: The Big Banyan Tree is over 400 years old and covers an area of about 3 acres. It is one of the largest banyan trees in India and attracts visitors who are fascinated by its size and beauty.

  • Savandurga: Savandurga is one of Asia's largest monolith hills and offers breathtaking views from its peak at over 1200 meters above sea level. It attracts adventure enthusiasts who come for trekking, rock climbing, and camping in its natural surroundings.

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Adventures Activities
  • Rock climbing in Ramanagara
  • Harihara Betta Trek
  • Handi Gundi Trek
  • Nearby Forests
  • Ramadevara Betta Vulture Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Adichunchanagiri Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Food Options and Local Cuisine of Ramanagara

    Local Cuisine in Ramanagara

    Ramanagara, located in Karnataka, is known for its traditional South Indian cuisine. The local cuisine here is quite diverse and includes a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. One of the famous dishes here is Ragi Mudde, which is a ball-shaped dish made from finger millet flour and served with sambar or chutney. Another popular dish is Akki Roti, which is a rice flour flatbread served with coconut chutney or vegetable curry. Other must-try dishes include Bisi Bele Bath, Neer Dosa, Mysore Pak, and Masala Dosa.

    Dining options in Ramanagara

    Looking for some good dining options in Ramanagara? Here are three restaurants/cafes that you can try:

    1. Raghavendra Upahara Darshini: This vegetarian restaurant serves delicious South Indian breakfast items like Idli-Vada, Masala Dosa, and Puri-Sagu. They also have a wide range of sweets and snacks.

    2. MTR Foods: This iconic chain of restaurants serves authentic South Indian cuisine. Some of their popular dishes include Bisi Bele Bath, Masala Dosa, and Mysore Pak.

    3. Swathi Delicacy: This multi-cuisine restaurant offers a variety of cuisines including North Indian, Chinese, and South Indian. Their must-try dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, and Biryani.

    These restaurants are perfect for both casual dining as well as special occasions with family or friends.

    Best areas for accommodation in Ramanagara

    Ramanagara, a small town in Karnataka, is known for its beautiful hills, rocky terrain, and historic significance. It is a popular weekend getaway destination for people from Bangalore and nearby areas. If you are planning to visit Ramanagara, it is important to choose the right area for accommodation. Here are the best areas for accommodation in Ramanagara:

    1. Kanakapura Road: This area is located on the outskirts of Ramanagara and has many resorts and homestays. It is ideal for those who want to stay close to nature and enjoy activities like trekking, rock climbing, and bird watching.

    2. Ramanagara Town: This area is located in the heart of Ramanagara and has many budget hotels and lodges. It is ideal for those who want to explore the town's historic landmarks like the Ramadevara Betta hill and the Janapada Loka Folk Museum.

    3. Bidadi: This area is located on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, just a few kilometers from Ramanagara. It has many luxury resorts and hotels that offer world-class amenities like spas, swimming pools, and fine dining restaurants.

    Here are three properties for accommodation in Ramanagara:

    1. Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa: This luxury resort is located on Kanakapura Road and offers spacious rooms with modern amenities like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and free Wi-Fi. The resort also has a spa center that offers a wide range of massages and treatments.

    2. Hotel Mayura Pine Top: This budget hotel is located in Ramanagara town and offers comfortable rooms with basic amenities like air conditioning and cable TVs. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious South Indian cuisine.

    3. Go Native Hostel: This hostel is located on Kanakapura Road and offers dormitory-style accommodation with shared bathrooms. The hostel also has a common kitchen where guests can cook their own meals. It is ideal for backpackers who are looking for affordable accommodation.

    Shopping in Ramanagara

    Ramanagara is a beautiful town that is known for its silk production and beautiful scenery. It is also a great place to shop for unique items that are not found anywhere else. Whether you are looking for traditional clothing or handicrafts, Ramanagara has it all. In this article, we will discuss the best things to buy in Ramanagara, the top markets to visit, and things to avoid.

    Things to buy

    1. Silk sarees: Ramanagara is famous for its silk production, and you can find some of the best silk sarees here.
    2. Handicrafts: The town has a rich tradition of handicrafts, including wooden toys, pottery, and stone carvings.
    3. Local spices: You can find some of the freshest and most flavorful spices in Ramanagara.
    4. Traditional clothing: You can find traditional clothing like lungis, dhotis, and kurtas in many shops.

    Markets to visit

    1. Silk Market: This market is the best place to find silk sarees and other silk products.
    2. Handicraft Market: You can find a wide variety of handicrafts in this market.
    3. Spice Market: This market has some of the freshest and most flavorful spices.

    What to avoid

    1. Fake products: Be careful when buying expensive items like silk sarees. There are many counterfeit products on the market.
    2. Unlicensed guides: Some people may approach you offering their services as guides. Make sure they are licensed before hiring them.
    3. Street food vendors: While street food may be tempting, it is not always safe to eat from unlicensed vendors.
    4. Overpriced souvenirs: Some shops may try to overcharge tourists for souvenirs. Make sure you know the fair price before buying anything.

    In conclusion, shopping in Ramanagara is an enjoyable experience that offers unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. By following these tips on what to buy, which markets to visit, and what to avoid, you can make your shopping trip a success.

    Nightlife in Ramanagara

    Ramanagara, a small town in Karnataka, is undoubtedly one of the best places to experience nightlife. It's a perfect getaway for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge themselves in some fun activities at night. The town is known for its beautiful landscapes, serene environment, and adventurous activities that attract tourists from all across the globe.

    There are several places in Ramanagara that offer unique experiences to spend the night. Here are three places with their activities that one should not miss:

    1. Sholay Shooting Hilltop The place is famous for being the location where the iconic Bollywood movie "Sholay" was shot. Visitors can enjoy camping, bonfire, trekking, and stargazing at night.

    2. Ramanagara Adventure Camp This campsite offers various adventure activities like rappelling, zipline, kayaking, and other team-building exercises. One can also indulge in trekking and camping under the stars.

    3. Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa For those seeking a luxurious experience, Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa is an ideal option. They offer world-class amenities like spa therapies, indoor games, outdoor sports facilities along with fine dining options.

    Apart from these places, Ramanagara has several bars and pubs that offer exotic cocktails and drinks along with live music performances. Some of them include The Urban Barbecue & Lounge, The Boozy Griffin Pub & Restaurant, The Big Brewsky - Sarjapur Road.

    Overall, Ramanagara has something to offer for everyone looking to spend their night in a serene environment amidst nature's beauty or indulging themselves in some thrilling adventures or enjoying luxury services.

    Outdoor Activities in Ramanagara

    If you're looking for some outdoor adventure in Ramanagara, you won't be disappointed. This city is blessed with a variety of natural landscapes that provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a peaceful getaway, Ramanagara has something for everyone.

    Rock Climbing: Ramanagara is known as the birthplace of rock climbing in India and is a popular destination among climbers. The rocky terrain of the city offers several challenging routes that attract climbers from across the country. Some popular spots for rock climbing include Ramadevarabetta, Savandurga, and SRS Betta.

    Bird Watching: Ramanagara is home to a diverse range of bird species, making it an ideal destination for bird watching enthusiasts. The city's lush green forests and lakes are home to several migratory birds as well as endemic species such as Indian roller, white-bellied treepie, and yellow-throated bulbul.

    Cycling: Cycling through the scenic countryside of Ramanagara is a great way to explore the city's natural beauty. There are several cycling routes that take you through picturesque villages, lush green paddy fields, and winding roads. You can rent a cycle from one of the many rental shops in the city or join a cycling tour.

    Other popular outdoor activities in Ramanagara include trekking to hilltop temples, camping under the stars, and exploring ancient caves. With its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures, Ramanagara is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

    Festivals and Events in Ramanagara

    Festivals and events are an integral part of Ramanagara's cultural heritage. These celebrations bring together people from different walks of life to commemorate significant occasions, strengthen social connections, and promote the region's cultural identity. The festivals and events in Ramanagara are diverse in nature, ranging from religious observances to traditional fairs and sporting events.

    Here are some of the notable festivals and events that take place in Ramanagara throughout the year:

    1. Makara Sankranti (January): Makara Sankranti is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in Ramanagara. It marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with much fervor by farmers. People fly kites, prepare traditional delicacies like ellu-bella (a mixture of sesame seeds, jaggery, coconut, and groundnuts), and take a holy dip in rivers.

    2. Holi (March): Holi is a popular festival celebrated all over India, including Ramanagara. It is known as the festival of colors and signifies the triumph of good over evil. People smear each other with colored powder and water, dance to music, and indulge in sweet treats.

    3. Ramanagara Utsava (April): Ramanagara Utsava is a three-day cultural extravaganza that showcases the region's rich heritage. The festival features folk performances like Yakshagana, Dollu Kunitha, and Kamsale along with traditional games like Kabaddi.

    4. Ramzan (May/June): Ramzan is an important religious observance for Muslims across the world. In Ramanagara too, people observe fasts during daylight hours for an entire month. The festival culminates with Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations marked by feasting on delicacies like biryani and seviyan.

    5. Diwali (October/November): Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. It signifies the triumph of light over darkness and marks Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya after his exile. People light diyas (earthen lamps), burst firecrackers, exchange sweets, and wear new clothes to celebrate this festival.

    Apart from these festivals, there are also several sporting events like marathons that take place in Ramanagara throughout the year. These festivals and events not only provide entertainment but also offer a glimpse into Ramanagara's vibrant culture.

    Tips for Travelers while travelling to Ramanagara

    1. Plan your trip in advance: Since Ramanagara is a popular tourist destination, it is advisable to plan your trip in advance. Book accommodation and transportation beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles.
    2. Carry comfortable clothes and footwear: Ramanagara is a hilly area, so be prepared for some walking and trekking. Carry comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear to make the most of your trip.
    3. Explore the local cuisine: Ramanagara is known for its traditional South Indian cuisine. Don't miss out on trying the local delicacies like dosa, idli, vada, and filter coffee.
    4. Visit the Silk Market: Ramanagara is also known for its silk industry. Visit the Silk Market to buy some authentic silk sarees and fabrics at reasonable prices.
    5. Respect local customs: Ramanagara has a rich cultural heritage, so it's important to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly while visiting temples and other religious places.

    In addition to these tips, it's important to be mindful of any festivals or events taking place during your visit. As mentioned earlier, Ramanagara hosts various festivals throughout the year. If you happen to be there during any of these events, make sure to attend them and experience the local culture firsthand.

    Overall, traveling to Ramanagara can be an enjoyable experience if you plan well in advance and follow these tips. Happy traveling!


    What is Ramanagara?

    Ramanagara is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located in the Bengaluru Rural district and is known for its beautiful hills, silk market, and historical significance.

    How to reach Ramanagara?

    Ramanagara is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, which is around 60 km away. One can take a bus or hire a taxi from Bengaluru to reach Ramanagara. The town also has its own railway station, which connects it to major cities like Bengaluru and Mysuru.

    What are the tourist attractions in Ramanagara?

    Ramanagara is famous for its hills and rock formations, which have been featured in many Indian movies. Some of the popular tourist attractions here include Ramadevara Betta, Janapada Loka, Kanva Reservoir, and Silk Market.

    What are the adventure activities one can do in Ramanagara?

    Ramanagara offers various adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, zip-lining, and camping. Ramadevara Betta is a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts.

    What is the best time to visit Ramanagara?

    The best time to visit Ramanagara is during the winter season (November-February) when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

    What are the local delicacies one must try in Ramanagara?

    Some of the local delicacies that one must try in Ramanagara include ragi mudde (finger millet balls), akki rotti (rice flour bread), and benne dosa (butter dosa). The town also has a thriving silk market where one can buy silk sarees at reasonable prices.

    Is it safe to travel to Ramanagara?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to Ramanagara. However, it's always advisable to take necessary precautions while traveling like carrying sufficient cash, staying alert while traveling alone at night, etc.

    In conclusion,Ramangara offers a perfect getaway from city life with its beautiful landscapes and adventure activities. With proper planning and precautions taken into account,Ramangara should be on every traveler's list visiting Karnataka state of India .